5 qualities to look for in a mortgage advisor

by | Friday 15th Dec 2017 | Mortgage Insights

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It may be more important than ever for people to work with an experienced mortgage advisor to discover better bespoke deals that suit their needs when they’re looking to purchase a property.

Why, though? There are so many factors; consider that, without including the mortgage, the average UK debt per person stands at £8,000 according to Comparethemarket.com. With that in mind it becomes more important than ever to get the best deal possible when applying for a mortgage with so many currently feeling a financial squeeze.

With so many different options to consider though and the broad nature of the internet making pinning the right package down tougher than ever, partnering with a comprehensive mortgage adviser can help people find the absolute best package for their needs.

Choosing the right mortgage adviser in London and the South East

Again though, thanks to the internet and social media, buyers have a huge number of professionals to choose from when they look to partner with a comprehensive mortgage advisor.

While it’s true that each and every mortgage advisor offers a unique service, the very best will be able to offer buyers:

1: An incredible quality of service

The right mortgage advisor goes beyond the numbers. They’ll work with you in the long-term, building personable yet professional relationships to always be with the client before, during and after the mortgage process to provide as smooth a process as possible and take the stress out of buying a property.

2: Speedy resolutions

In some cases, speed is of the essence when applying for and receiving a mortgage. It can often be a laborious process; working with the right mortgage advisor will help with a lot of the red tape of the application process, dealing with lenders as swiftly as possible and attending to underwriter queries quickly without limiting the options available to you.

3: Vast industry experience

The best advisors are ones that build strong relationships. Benefit from a team that uses the depth of their industry knowledge, experience and the contacts available to them to build bespoke, affordable mortgage packages that suit your needs?

4: Tailored solutions

Again, there is a huge range of options and packages out there from various lenders all striving for your attention. Each one has their own small print to consider. Why not instead work with a specialist, able to work closely with you to tailor a bespoke financial package that suits your needs both now and long after you’ve purchased a property?

5: Flat fees

Avoid hidden fees and other unexpected financial hits. Some mortgage advisors take flat fees up front, ensuring that buyers avoid hidden additional advice fees.

Oportfolio is an advisor in London and the South East passionate about building long-term relationships with buyers and taking the weight of the application process from their shoulders. Contact us today to find out more.

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