Mortgages over £500k

Buying a new home? Talk to our large loan specialists about securing a £500k+ mortgage

If you’re taking on a £500,000 mortgage, speak to an experienced mortgage broker to secure the best terms possible

With average house prices on the rise, applying for £500,000 mortgage is more and more common, and that’s especially true if you’re looking to buy a home in London where the average house price is over £600k.

As a London mortgage broker, our large loan specialists at Oportfolio are in a good position to help you secure a half a million pound mortgage, whether you’re a first time buyer stepping on to the property ladder or you’re looking for your next move.

Mortgages Over £500k
Mortgages Over £500k

Securing a £500k+ mortgage

Like any mortgage applied for, a £500k mortgage application will need to meet certain criteria.

Affordability, of course, is key. You need to show you can meet the monthly payments for a £500,000 mortgage, once your usual outgoings, such as utility bills, council tax and service charges, are taken into consideration.

And the size of your deposit will make a difference to the mortgage products available to you. Ideally, your deposit needs to be at least 10% or £50,000. The lower the loan to value ratio (LTV) the better, because any lender will see you as less risk.

Other criteria will be looked at too, such as your age, if you’re employed or self-employed, or whether you’re applying on your own or with a partner.


At Oportfolio, we love inspiring people and helping you to achieve your dreams - buying your own home, making the most of your existing finances, or investing in other properties.

We can help you find the right mortgage because our standing in the London market allows us to get access to the most competitive rates from a multitude of lenders.

To find out more, we invite you to download our latest brochure.

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Mortgages Over £500k

Working with large mortgage loan specialists

If you want your £500k mortgage application to go through smoothly, talk to the large mortgage specialists at Oportfolio. We regularly secure competitive mortgages for homeowners in this price bracket whether you’re a first time buyer looking for a London apartment, or you’re a home mover selling up and moving to a bigger property.

We can talk you through the different types of mortgages available to you such as repayment or interest only. And also advise you on the type of mortgage to suit your lifestyle and long term goals.

Then we research the market to find you the best possible deal available. With access to smaller building societies and boutique lenders, as well as high street names, we have a high success rate when it comes to arranging £500k+ mortgages.

We strive for the highest standards of client care and are committed to offering tailored mortgage, insurance and personal protection policies that match the unique aspirations of every single client.

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