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Wildlife photographer Harry Skeggs

Wildlife photographer Harry Skeggs (Source: www.audleytravel.com)


Harry Skeggs – Award Winning Wildlife Photographer

When it comes to wildlife photography, Harry Skeggs is the absolute authority. Putney based photographer and friend to Oportfolio Harry is world renowned for his unbelievable snaps of the worlds rarest and most incredible animals and environments. But his breath-taking photography isn’t the only thing he is known for. Skeggs is extremely passionate about wildlife conservation and through his work, Harry raises awareness of the effects of climate change on our planet and the animals that live here. Harry’s career has taken him all over the world and in to some of the harshest and seemingly uninhabitable places to photograph the animals there. But, one place was always on his bucket list, Antarctica.

Harry and his cameraman Sam Hockley began to devise a plan of action to travel to Antarctica and its surrounding areas. They planned to photograph the wildlife whilst simultaneously filming a documentary of their journey with the hope of raising awareness of environmental issues. With the backing of photography juggernaut Nikon and the World Wildlife Fund, Harry and Sam were well on their way to achieving their dream excursion. The team at Oportfolio have been fans of Harry’s work for years and in 2020 when we moved to our new offices in Putney, we purchased three of our favourite Harry Skeggs prints to adorn our walls.


Harry's print 'Tooth and Nail' in Oportfolio's meeting room

Harry’s print ‘Tooth and Nail’ in Oportfolio’s meeting room


Oportfolio and Harry Skeggs

Like Harry, Oportfolio is passionate about protecting our environment, sustainability, and preserving nature for future generations to enjoy. When we heard about the trip to Antarctica, we knew it was something that we had to get behind and we really wanted to support Harry and Sam in any way we could. We are proud to say that Oportfolio is one of the main sponsors for Harry and Sam’s journey and their documentary ‘Dare to Hope’.

In collaboration with Andy Paterson-Jones from video production and design studio New England Design, Harry and Sam have shot and edited a 35-minute long documentary film showing their journey, Harry’s artistic processes and most importantly the beauty that can be found in the animals and landscapes of Antarctica. ‘Dare to Hope’ will premiere on the 8th of September 2022 for an exclusive audience of VIPs at the May Fair Hotel on Stratton street in central London. The film screening will then be followed by a Q&A session with Harry. From there, the guests will be invited to head to a nearby art gallery to see Harry’s wider body of photographic work titled ‘Beyond’.

As a major sponsor of the excursion and the documentary, Oportfolio will be inviting several of our lucky clients to attend the film premier and gallery exhibition.

If you are interested in Harry’s art or learning more about the work he does with conservation, you can follow his social media or find more information on his website. 


One of the shots taken by Harry in Antarctica

One of the shots taken by Harry in Antarctica (Source: @harryskeggs on instagram)

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