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by | Wednesday 8th Feb 2023 | Mortgage News

Oportfolio are award winning mortgage brokers through the PRIMIS mortgage network

When we say we have good weight in the market, we mean it. There are thousands of mortgage advisors across the country, all competing for business and claiming that they are the best in the business. So why do we make this claim, and why should you believe us? The proof really is in the pudding. Oportfolio is and has always been highly regarded in the mortgage industry, especially in the London area as this is where we operate out of.

Our high rate of client retention and customer satisfaction is simply a reflection of the level of dedication and expertise that we put into every one of our client’s mortgage and protection applications. We have won countless awards for helping clients to secure mortgages and protection policies and we always receive glowing reviews from the people we have assisted.

Oportfolio Is Part Of A Wider Exclusive Mortgage Network

What sets us apart from other brokers? Well firstly, we are a part of a supportive mortgage network, the PRIMIS Network, which is one of the largest networks in the industry. The statistics for last year state 1 in 9 UK mortgages were organised through PRIMIS – which means that Oportfolio being associated with PRIMIS puts us in a very strong position and standing with the mortgage lenders.

Being part of such a large networks means we get access to exclusive rates that aren’t available in the open market with independent brokers for example, and are only available through us and our network. By going to any other lender, you will limit yourself to the standard lenders, rates, and products and won’t benefit from the special deals that we can source for you.

For example, this week NatWest, Bank of Ireland, and Santander are the latest to launch exclusive rates accessible just to us as PRIMIS mortgage network members. This is really important in the current economic climate as every little helps when it comes securing the very best mortgage rate possible, and to saving money where you can.

And of course, it is not all about rates (although they are a hot topic right now!).

Exclusive Contacts At The Bank

In a lot of cases, we find that liaising with our exclusive contacts at the banks before processing and submitting the application fully, allows for the smoothest and best possible outcome. For some clients, we can get lenders to sometimes grant ‘discretionary allowances’ where they usually wouldn’t.

For example, some lenders will grant us access to preferential affordability calculators or consider bonuses for clients when there is only one payslip of evidence (rather than 2 years, which is industry standard criteria). And while some lenders insist on 3 months’ payslips with the same employer – which can be difficult for those in the process of changing jobs – there are some lenders that will consider the employment contract as proof of income instead.

These are little quirks can make all the difference and prevent any problems later down the line, making the process of buying a property and securing the mortgage through Oportfolio as smooth as it can be.

If you or anyone you know is either buying a property in 2023 or are looking at re-structuring your current mortgage deal and want to see how Oportfolio and the benefits of the PRIMIS mortgage network can help, please feel free to give us a call. We are here to help.

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