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by | Friday 29th May 2020 | Mortgage Insights

As the UK takes its first tentative steps towards coming out of lockdown, the worries that enforced social isolation brought – concerns over job security, food shortages and the clear risk to health – are for many people being replaced by new anxieties relating to what our new world is going to look and feel like.

For some people there will be an understandable sense of conflict as the government begins to carefully reopen Great Britain PLC.

We want life to return to normal, but we know the pandemic isn’t entirely behind us; we’re looking forward to seeing friends, family and colleagues who we’ve perhaps only seen on a video link for the past two months, but we still fear the possibility of infection; and we want to return to work and regular (and secure) income, but we’re apprehensive about the long-term effect of this crisis on the economy.

What that anxiety may well translate into is a reluctance to make decisions about the long-term future.

But economic recovery – globally, domestically and personally – will only be realised when we have the confidence to act, spend and invest with confidence.

And for that, you need the assurance and peace of mind of knowing you’re acting on the right information, advice that’s suited to your individual circumstances and guidance that insulates you as far as possible from financial risk.

That’s where we come in.

At Oportfolio we have years of experience and expertise in finding the mortgages and financial protection products that are best suited to our clients’ personal needs.

Expert Help and Advice on Mortgages

The housing market is now back in business, though for obvious reasons it’s going to be a slow process regrowth following two months of inactivity and sweeping changes in the financial circumstances of many people who might have been looking to move this summer.

That said, if you need to move or your own financial situation has been less affected by lockdown than has others’, then there is still business to be done in the housing sector – and the slow market could well be an advantage for those in a strong position to buy.

And with interest rates at an all-time low of 0.1%, there are also lots of good mortgage deals out there.

So, if you’re still committed to moving in 2020, we’re ideally placed to help you find the best mortgage to set you on your way.

Expert Advice on Personal Protection

The pandemic has taught us many things, but one of the key lessons has been that being financially prepared for the worst is essential.

It’s an unfortunate fact that over the last eight or nine weeks a great many people have had to face what might, two months ago, have seemed like an entirely hypothetical question: what would you do if you suddenly found yourself without an income?

But it’s a question that doesn’t just relate to the economics of employment.

What if you suddenly suffered life-changing injuries in an accident, or received a diagnosis of a serious or terminal illness that left you physically or mentally unable to work?

Would your family be able to cope financially if you died suddenly?

Life insurance – whether in trust to avoid Inheritance Tax or not – to provide for those you leave behind, critical illness cover to give you a lump sum payment if you become seriously ill and income replacement insurance to give you a regular monthly payment should you be unable to earn for an extended period are all options that we can advise on to give you peace of mind.


According to consumer organisation Which?, more than half of all UK parents don’t have a Will – meaning the spouse/partner and children left behind risk receiving nothing.

Making a Will is simple and straightforward, and something we can look after for you.

So, if you’re ready to start making the decisions that will get your life back to some semblance of what might be normal, but you want a trusted professional adviser to guide you, we’re just the people to talk to.

Why not get in touch with us for a friendly and informal chat to get some help and advice – we’d love to hear from you.

Please note: all information contained within this article was accurate at the time of publication.

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