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The Many Windows And Grey Façade Of Jubilee House Can Be Seen Across The Thames, Next To Putney Wharf Tower.

The Many Windows And Grey Façade Of Jubilee House Can Be Seen Across The Thames, Next To Putney Wharf Tower.

Standing tall and imposing at the corner of Putney High Street and Putney Bridge Road is the impressive concrete modernist monolith, Jubilee House. When travelling into Putney, it’s impossible not to see the Jubilee House building. At only a short stroll away from Putney Bridge, Jubilee House is a common greeter to commuters to and residents of Putney. But how many actually know what Jubilee House is, and how many might need it’s services at one time or another? This iconic building has undergone significant transformations since its inception, serving various purposes and catering to different communities over the decades. In this blog we are going to look into the history of Jubilee House, explore its architectural significance, why it has stood for so long in such a prominent position in Putney, and understand its contemporary role in the vibrant Putney community.

The History Of Jubilee House, Putney

Jubilee House was first erected in the 1960’s. World War 2 had ended almost 20 years later, and the desire for modern, functional, cheap, and efficient building had risen significantly. And with this, so did styles and designs like modernist and brutalist architecture. Characterised by exposed structure, a lack of ornamentation, and an abundance of light, these types of buildings started to spring up across Europe. For Jubilee House, the building was commissioned during a period of rapid urban development in Putney, reflecting the growth and modernisation of this bustling district in southwest London. Looking at pre-war photographs of Putney High Street, we can clearly see dated and dilapidated houses and shop fronts, once beautiful and intricately designed, but clearly no longer fit for purpose.

The Architects And Contractors

The architectural design of Jubilee House is attributed to the esteemed firm R. Seifert and Partners, a architectural business known for their work in blending classical and modern styles in post-war Britain, headed by Swiss-British architect Richard Seifert. The contractors, William Moss & Sons Ltd, were renowned builders of the time, contributing significantly to London’s expanding skyline.

Evolution Of Use

Over the years, Jubilee House has served a multitude of purposes, adapting to the changing needs of the community. Initially, it functioned as a commercial space, housing various businesses that thrived on Putney High Street’s vibrant foot traffic. In the late 60’s, the building was repurposed to accommodate governmental offices, reflecting the adaptability of its design and structure.

The Grand Refurbishment Of Jubilee House

The most significant transformation in the building’s recent history was the comprehensive refurbishment beginning in 2012 and completed in 2015. This project aimed to modernise the dated 1960’s facilities while preserving the building’s historical charm and architectural integrity. Overbury Group Plc were tasked with orchestrating the £20.9 million refurbishment scheme on behalf of it’s current occupants.

Current Occupants Of Jubilee House

Jubilee House now serves as a hub for various businesses and organisations. Mainly office based companies with many spaces for computers and desks. However, since the 1970s the building has been home to the metropolitan police. Serving as a main command centre for police operating in the surrounding areas. For those fans of 70’s police dramas, Jubilee House was once used as a filming location for an episode of The Sweeney in 1975.

Key Aspects Of The Refurbishment

  • Structural Upgrades: Ensuring the building met contemporary safety standards and could support modern infrastructure requirements.
  • Façade Restoration: Retaining the original architectural features while enhancing the building’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Interior Redesign: Creating functional, stylish spaces equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to attract a diverse range of tenants.
  • Sustainability Enhancements: Incorporating energy-efficient systems and materials to reduce the building’s environmental footprint.

Practical Information

Putney Bridge Tube Station

Putney Bridge Tube Station

For those interested in visiting or contacting the building, here are the key details:

Full Address:
Jubilee House, 25 Putney High Street, Putney, London, SW15 1SN

The closest tube station is Putney Bridge Station, which is only a 10 minute walk away across Putney Bridge. The closest train station is Putney station, which is about a 20 minute walk away at the other end of the high street.

Metropolitan Police Contact at Jubilee House:
Non-Emergency Contact Number: 020 87212433 or 020 87858875
Emergency Number: 999
Email: [email protected]

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Jubilee House, Putney


Jubilee House, A Modernist Architectural Marvel

Jubilee House in Putney is more than just a building; it is a landmark that encapsulates the evolution of Putney over the past century. From its architectural inception by R. Seifert and Partners and construction by William Moss & Sons Ltd in post-war Britain, through its various roles in the community, to its modern refurbishment and current usage as the hub of the Met police in South West London, Jubilee House continues to be a modern cultural marvel. Whether you’re a local resident, a business professional, or a visitor, Jubilee House remains a place of significance and interest in Putney.

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