NatWest Buy-to-Let Stress Rates Slashed

by | Thursday 2nd Nov 2023 | Mortgage News

NatWest Buy-to-Let Stress Rates Slashed

NatWest Buy-to-Let Stress Rates Slashed

Mortgage lender NatWest (one of the big six lenders in the UK) has announced significant cuts to landlord stress rates and reduced buy-to-let and residential mortgage rates, offering new competitive options for new and existing borrowers. In a move that is sure to capture the attention of investors and homeowners alike, NatWest Buy-to-Let offerings have seen substantial reductions in stress rates this week. This development has resulted in a range of buy-to-let prices being lowered by up to 0.40%, making the prospect of property investment even more appealing.

NatWest Buy-To-Let Offerings

The reductions are widespread, with NatWest’s two-year fixed-rate BTL mortgages falling to 7.81% from 8.15%. Meanwhile, the five-year fixed-rate deals have decreased to 6.68% from 6.78%. Also, like-for-like remortgages have seen their rates drop to 7.15% from 7.55%. For potential buyers, these changes mean they can access house purchase rate reductions of up to 0.26% and 0.27% on selected two- and five-year deals. First-time buyers are not left out either, with cuts of up to 0.22% and 0.15% on selected two- and five-year deals. Those in the buy-to-let market for purchasing will see reductions of up to 0.37% and 0.22% on selected two- and five-year deals, and buy-to-let remortgages have rate cuts of up to 023% and 0.40% on selected two- and five-year deals.

Other Notable Changes From NatWest

Existing customers also stand to benefit from these changes, as NatWest has introduced switcher rate cuts of up to 0.17% and 0.20% on selected two- and five-year deals. Buy-to-let customers who switch their mortgage to NatWest can enjoy reductions of up to 0.31% and 0.33% on selected two- and five-year deals. These changes offer an attractive proposition for homeowners and property investors alike.

One of the standout offerings in NatWest’s updated product offerings is the launch of switcher 100% loan-to-value two-year mortgage loans for existing borrowers. This particular product aims to help existing customers take advantage of the equity they have built up in their properties by offering more competitive loan options.

What Do The Mortgage Experts Think?

Louis Mason, Content and Communications Director at Oportfolio Mortgages, commented on the significance of these changes in the context of the buy-to-let market in the UK:

“This week I attended the Landlord Investment Show in London. There was a lot of discussion about the buy-to-let market in relation to mortgages, and the struggles that landlords have had to face over the last 18 months or so. The buy-to-let market has been an essential part of the UK property landscape for years. It offers individuals the opportunity to invest in real estate, generate rental income, and potentially build wealth over time. However, the buy-to-let market has faced a lot of challenges, including regulatory changes and economic uncertainties. NatWest’s decision to reduce stress rates and offer competitive mortgage rates is a positive development for both new and experienced investors.”

Mason also highlights the potential impact of these rate cuts on the broader property market:

“Competitive mortgage rates and reduced stress rates can stimulate demand and activity in the buy-to-let market, potentially leading to increased property purchases and rental income. This can have a positive ripple effect, supporting the broader real estate industry and contributing to the stability of the housing market.”

Speak To A NatWest Buy-To-Let Mortgage Expert

NatWest’s move to reduce stress rates and offer competitive rates for buy-to-let and residential borrowers demonstrates their commitment to providing valuable solutions for property investors and homeowners. These changes are poised to enhance opportunities in the buy-to-let market and offer new possibilities for those seeking mortgage options. As the property market continues to evolve, people need mortgage advice now more than ever. Call or email our team today to see how our expert advisors can help you.

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