Oportfolio Has Access to Virgin Money Exclusive Mortgage Products

by | Monday 27th Nov 2023 | Mortgage News

Oportfolio Brokers Have Access To Exclusive Mortgage Products

Oportfolio Brokers Have Access To Exclusive Mortgage Products

Several years ago, Oportfolio Mortgages became part of the PRIMIS mortgage network. As an appointed representative of PRIMIS, that means that our brokers and administrators at Oportfolio have access to an abundance of support and unparalleled access to exclusive mortgage lenders and products. Being part of the PRIMIS mortgage network means that we can access a range of innovative mortgage rates and products from leading UK lenders. A recent communication from Virgin Money to Oportfolio this weekend revealed some exciting new products that only PRIMIS representatives will have access to.

Virgin Money Exclusive Mortgage Deals

Virgin Money has launched a series of ‘exclusive’ mortgage products designed specifically for PRIMIS advisors. These bespoke offerings are not only competitive but also reflect Virgin Money’s dedication to meeting the needs of mortgage borrowers in a particularly tough mortgage market. The exclusivity of these products ensures that only the most experienced of mortgage advisors can offer them to their clients.

The exclusive mortgage products from Virgin Money, now accessible through Oportfolio are the following:

  1. Purchase PRIMIS Exclusive with £495 fee, £500 cashback, and free valuation:   – Introducing a 90% Loan-to-Value (LTV) 5-Year Everyday Fixed Rate at an attractive 4.99%
  2. Purchase PRIMIS Exclusive with £0 fee, £500 cashback, and free valuation:   – Unveiling a 95% LTV 5-Year Everyday Fixed Rate, set at a competitive 5.45%.
  3. Remortgage PRIMIS Exclusives with £895 fee, free valuation, and free legals:  – Introducing a new 70% LTV 2-Year Everyday Fixed Rate at an appealing 5.05%. – Presenting a 70% LTV 5-Year Everyday Fixed Rate at an enticing 4.64%.

Oportfolio Mortgages and the PRIMIS Mortgage Network

We at Oportfolio, as part of the PRIMIS network, are uniquely positioned to offer our clients these exclusive Virgin Money mortgage products. That means that borrowers will not be able to go direct to Virgin Money and secure the same deals and will also not be able to get these deals through another non PRIMIS broker. This partnership not only emphasises our commitment to providing tailored solutions for our clients, but in our eyes, it also underscores the strength and benefits of being part of the PRIMIS mortgage network. Something that we have been committed to for a long time.

Louis Mason, communications director at Oportfolio Mortgages, expressed enthusiasm about the exclusive access to Virgin Money’s innovative mortgage products. He stated, “At Oportfolio, we are dedicated to securing the best possible mortgage options for our clients. And we have been doing this as a brokerage for the last 15 years. The exclusive products from Virgin Money, available only through PRIMIS advisors, allow us to offer competitive rates and tailor-made solutions that set us apart in a particularly tricky market.”

Virgin Money’s decision to limit access to these exclusive mortgage products to PRIMIS advisors demonstrates both the influence and status that PRIMIS brokers have within the mortgage industry, but also the importance of broker/lender relationships.

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