Personal Finance for Women: Quick Tips

by | Friday 8th Mar 2024 | Mortgage News

Jade Pinkerton Offers Personal Finance Tips

Jade Pinkerton Offers Personal Finance Tips

Happy International Women’s Day! Our team at Oportfolio is a mostly female run outfit, and they are the best in the industry! Our Senior Mortgage and Protection Adviser Jade Pinkerton has put together some quick finance tips for women when looking at personal finances.

Talk To An Advisor About Finance Tips

Advisers are there to help you, and most will not charge a fee to have an initial conversation with you. They can give you proper answers to your questions, be strategic whenever necessary and provide tailored advice – which is always much better than scrolling the internet and getting conflicting answers and adverts.

Set Your Objectives And Work Towards Them!

If you plan to move home, start a family, move jobs….one may end up impacting the other. Often we have clients that are doing all three at once, and have other potential life changes too, and it can get very confusing about what is possible and the best way to go about things – especially when finance is involved. When considering mortgages and moving home, clients often have questions about if taking a new job will delay their ability to get the mortgage – how many payslips do you need at the new company? Will the new salary be enough for the loan size needed etc..?

And for those with family on their mind, the thought of maternity leave, future salary, nursery costs and commitments can impact too. There are so many moving parts, and with different lenders treating each element different and having unique criteria, I would suggest talking to an independent advise that can simplify everything for you and put your mind at rest.

Have An Emergency Fund

It is important to not be overly stretched financially, The Financial Conduct Authority makes it clear that advisers need to encourage clients to have savings and/or available cash to cover them in an emergency – but how much you need will depend on your personal circumstances. All of the research on this shows that most people do not have enough savings for an emergency.

Personal Insurance

This is simply the cornerstone of financial planning. Whether you are employed, self employed, a house person, renting or a property owner, almost everyone needs to have some element of insurance to cover them personally should the worst happen. The premise, is to ensure that there are significant funds available to help you, your partner, your children, and any of your family that may be impacted by you falling ill, being unable to work, or passing away. Financial struggles are avoidable in this situation – and for those that have sufficient protection in place it is much easier to cope with the situation in hand and not have to worry about finances.

Speak To A Financial Advisor For Valuable Finance Tips

It is so important for everyone to seek financial help and guidance at some point in their lives. And it couldn’t be easier to get the conversation started. Just give us a call and talk to us if you have any questions. We are on hand to help.

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