Sub 5% Mortgage Rates From Accord, TSB, and Barclays

by | Thursday 30th Nov 2023 | Mortgage News

Barclays, TSB and Accord all drop their rates below 5%

Barclays, TSB and Accord all drop their rates below 5% (Source:

Three major UK mortgage lenders—Barclays, TSB, and Accord—have announced significant reductions in their mortgage rates today. These changes come as part of their ongoing efforts to provide competitive and attractive financing options in a housing market that has certainly not been kind to borrowers over the last couple of years. All of these rate reductions will come into effect from Friday the 1st of December 2023. Let’s take a closer look at the recent announcements by each lender.

Mortgage Rates Below 5% From Accord, TSB, and Barclays!


Barclays is making key changes to its residential purchase products, focusing on reducing rates for various loan-to-value (LTV) ratios. Noteworthy adjustments include:

  • 5 Year Fixed £899 Product Fee (60% LTV): The interest rate is set to decrease from 4.78% to 4.39%.
  • 5 Year Fixed £0 Product Fee (75% LTV): Borrowers can now benefit from a reduced rate of 4.70%, down from the previous 4.95%.
  • 5 Year Fixed £999 Product Fee (90% LTV): For those with a higher LTV, the interest rate is being lowered from 5.20% to 4.95%.

These changes aim to make homeownership more affordable for a broader range of customers, particularly those with varying LTV requirements.


TSB is taking a multi-faceted approach by reducing rates across different mortgage products, including residential, buy-to-let, product transfer, and additional borrowing. The adjustments are as follows:

  • 2, 3, and 5 Year Fixed Remortgage (Residential): Rates are being reduced by up to 0.35%.
  • 2 and 5 Year Fixed House Purchase and Remortgage (Buy to Let): A reduction of 0.30% is applied, with product end dates extended to the end of April.
  • Buy to Let 2 and 5 Year Fixed (Product Transfer): Rates are decreasing by up to 0.30%, and product end dates are extended to the end of April.
  • 2, 3, 5, and 10 Year Fixed (Additional Borrowing): Both residential and buy-to-let rates are seeing reductions of up to 0.45%, and product end dates are extended to the end of April.

TSB’s comprehensive approach reflects its commitment to providing flexible and competitive mortgage solutions tailored to the diverse needs of its customers.


Accord is also joining the trend by reducing interest rates across all fixed-rate products. The changes are as follows:

  • 2-Year Rates: Interest rates are decreasing by 0.20%-0.25%.
  • 3-Year Rates: A significant reduction of 0.30% is applied.
  • 5-Year Rates: Borrowers can benefit from a reduced interest rate, lowered by 0.20%.

In addition to rate reductions, Accord is extending the end dates of its fixed-rate products to the 31st of March 2024, providing customers with more time to take advantage of these favourable terms.

Speak To a Mortgage Advisor To Find a Competitive New Mortgage Rate

This collective effort by Barclays, TSB, and Accord to reduce mortgage rates underscores the lenders’ commitment to supporting homeownership and making the property market more accessible for borrowers. As always, potential borrowers are encouraged to consult with financial advisors to explore these new offerings and determine the best options for their individual circumstances. At Oportfolio we have access to industry exclusive deals that can’t be accessed by going direct to a bank. Call or email our team of brokers today to arrange a fee free initial mortgage consultation. We are here to help.

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