Achieving Success In Life Is All In The Small Details

by | Wednesday 30th Jun 2021 | Mortgage Insights

The devil, as the old saying goes, is in the detail. This is especially true when it comes to your mortgage and personal income protection needs and I’m not just talking here about whether you’ve got the right products, but also the process of identifying and then securing them. Don’t worry, Oportfolio are here to help.

No matter self-sufficient we all are, it’s impossible for everyone to be brilliant at everything: some people are more inclined to focus on attention to detail, and some finder it harder to keep all those i’s dotted.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to learn how to stay on top of the little things, but it comes down to time.

Daily life is busy and frantic, and with so many demands on our time we can sometimes let things slip through the net. But when it comes to your financial security, little mistakes can be costly.

Financial products like mortgages, life insurance, critical illness cover or income replacement policies all require a lot of attention to detail, and at Oportfolio this is one of the many areas where we can provide the kind of expertise and reassurance you need.

When you apply for a mortgage, for example, there are a lot of things to consider.

There’s the issue of sourcing your credit score, your payslips, proof of deposit, proof of residence income, expenditures, household costs, bank statements.

The list goes on, and each of these documents need reviewing to ensure they’re the most up-to-date versions, there’s the right number of them, the numbers actually add up and you qualify for the amount of mortgage you’re requesting.

It’s a balancing act that needs focus and experience. Most of us will only go through this a handful of times in our life, and the likelihood is each time the rules of the industry will have changed a bit.

That means a successful application in the past doesn’t automatically mean your next one will also be approved. In financial services, the goalposts are always moving – and at Oportfolio it’s our job to make sure our knowledge and expertise is always up to date.

Attention to detail and customer care is one of our top priorities. We don’t want anyone’s dream move to fall victim to an error in their mortgage application, so we work hard to give you peace of mind and a stress-free experience when it comes to your mortgage search, decisions and application process.

Each member of our team, across the business, is focused on making our client’s mortgage experience a worry-free one. Getting the right one is a strong step to protecting your world, and in mortgage applications it’s the little things that matter.

Making a small mistake on your application form, even inadvertently, can mean a refusal,  and that can make the next application a trickier process.

It’s always good to take some time to sit back and look at where you are, where you want to be and come up with a plan. That needn’t be a job you have to do alone though. We will always have the time to work through how your financial planning can help you reach your dreams.

Once you’ve identified the plan, it’s about achieving it – and we’ll be right by your side to take you through the process that gets you there.

Oportfolio boasts a team of experts to meet all your needs from primary residence and buy to let mortgages, critical illness cover (also known as cancer cover), life cover and income protection.

Working with us means we’ll take care of the small details so you don’t have to, doing everything we can make sure your future is secured in line with your identified needs. The level of repeat business we get from happy customers is testimony to that.

Even though there are countless offers out there, you won’t always find the best mortgage online. As professional advisers, we often have access to products you won’t find on a website or on the High Street.

And even if you do find a variety of products that you think meet your needs, you can still get ‘choice paralysis’ which makes it hard to identify the one that’s truly right for you.

Getting expert advice that’s tailored to your situation is always beneficial.

We can help you find a product that works with your future plans – if your life is going to have lots of changes (e.g. you have kids!) then you may want a mortgage that is flexible and can change with you.

At Oportfolio we can explain the pros and cons of interest only and repayment mortgages for you so there are no hidden surprises down the road.

As Natasha says in her video, we work hard to make sure you are treated like one of our friends and feel safe and secure with our service.

Being a client of ours means we’ll do all the detail, and you get hassle-free peace of mind because you know that all the small, but important, things have been taken care of.

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Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
Oportfolio Ltd fees are payable on application. We charge a broker fee for property purchases of £495 and a remortgage/further advance fee of £395. Our product transfer fee is £295.

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