Non-UK Resident Mortgage

Are you based outside of the UK and looking at investing in property abroad? Look no further, the UK property market is a great place to start investing and getting a non uk resident mortgage through a mortgage expert is how to do it.

Can a non-UK resident get a mortgage?

The answer is yes! A non-UK resident mortgage is something that is allowed by a lot of mortgage lenders in the UK which is great news for anyone who is looking for a non resident buy to let mortgage or possibly looking to move to the uk in the near future. Now, understandably there are a few rules and restrictions surrounding what you can and can’t do and Oportfolio will be able to help you with finding the right path.

Non-Resident UK Mortgage

The importance of talking to a non-uk resident mortgages expert advisor

Getting a mortgage can be complicated and confusing at the best of times and getting a uk mortgage whilst living abroad can be even more challenging and getting something even slightly wrong can make a huge difference. Purchasing a property should be an exciting time for everyone so at Oportfolio we want to take the stress out of your application and make the experience as smooth and enjoyable for you as possible. Through our exclusive connections, we have access to a catalogue of non resident mortgages and uk non resident mortgage lenders who are all committed to helping you buy your ideal property in the UK.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of clients secure a uk property mortgage for a number of different reasons and no scenario is too big a challenge for us because we want you to be able to trust us to secure you the best mortgage for non resident around.


At Oportfolio, we love inspiring people and helping you to achieve your dreams - buying your own home, making the most of your existing finances, or investing in other properties.

We can help you find the right mortgage because our standing in the London market allows us to get access to the most competitive rates from a multitude of lenders.

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