TMW Unveils Buy-to-Let Mortgage Products with Rates Below 4%

by | Friday 19th Jan 2024 | Mortgage News

TMW offer rates below 4%

TMW offer rates below 4%

In an exciting development for property investors, The Mortgage Works (TMW) has announced a significant reduction in interest rates across its New Business product ranges, effective from Saturday the 20th of January 2024. The move is set to benefit buy-to-let investors seeking competitive financing options for their property ventures.

Buy-To-Let Mortgage Products Below 4%

Here is a list of just some of the new competitive rates on offer from TMW

  • 2-Year Fixed at 3.54% up to 65% LTV: This product, requiring a minimum deposit of 35%, is designed for both buy-to-let purchases and remortgages. It boasts an attractive 3% fee, making it an appealing option for investors looking to optimise their returns.
  • 2-Year Fixed at 3.64% up to 75% LTV:** For those with a minimum deposit of 25%, this product presents a compelling opportunity for buy-to-let purchases and remortgages. Like the previous option, it comes with a 3% fee, adding to the flexibility of financing choices.
  • 2-Year Fixed at 3.94% up to 75% LTV:** With a slightly higher interest rate, this product offers an alternative for investors with a 25% minimum deposit. It comes with a £3,995 fee and is available for buy-to-let purchases and remortgages.

Mortgage Expert’s Opinion

At Oportfolio Mortgages, we advise potential borrowers, especially in the buy-to-let sector, to always seek guidance from qualified mortgage professionals to ensure they secure the most favourable rates. We can’t help but stress the importance of consulting with experts rather than approaching banks directly.

Buy-to-let investors often face unique challenges and considerations when it comes to mortgage financing. Qualified mortgage advisors bring a wealth of industry knowledge and can help investors navigate through the intricacies of different mortgage products. They have access to a wide range of lenders and can often secure more competitive rates than those available through direct negotiations with banks.

Speaking on the importance of professional advice, is Oportfolio’s mortgage administrator Molly Dix, “Our team of qualified mortgage advisors is dedicated to helping buy-to-let investors find the best financing solutions tailored to their specific needs. While TMW’s new rates are enticing, it’s crucial for investors to explore all available options and ensure they make informed decisions to maximize their returns.

Speak To a Buy-To-Let Mortgage Advisor in 2024

TMW’s latest move to offer buy-to-let mortgage products with rates below 4% is a welcome development for property investors. As the market continues to evolve, seeking advice from experienced mortgage advisors becomes increasingly vital for investors looking to capitalise on favourable financing opportunities and navigate the intricacies of the buy-to-let sector. If you or anyone you know is seeking a buy-to-let mortgage in 2024, please feel free to give us a call or drop us a message. We are here to help.

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