Unlocking Exclusive Mortgage Rates With Oportfolio Mortgages

by | Friday 19th Jan 2024 | Mortgage News

Enjoy exclusive mortgage rates through and exclusive broker

Enjoy exclusive mortgage rates through and exclusive broker

When it comes to securing the best mortgage rates, timing is everything. At Oportfolio Mortgages, our commitment to providing you with the most competitive rates goes beyond what traditional brokers or price comparison sites can offer. As proud members of the PRIMIS mortgage network, we gain access to exclusive rates and early updates on rate changes, ensuring that you receive the most advantageous mortgage deal tailored to your unique circumstances.

Exclusive Rates, Unparalleled Advantage

One of the key benefits of choosing Oportfolio is our ability to access exclusive rates that are simply unavailable to other brokers or directly from banks and building societies. These exclusive deals, such as the ones we received from Virgin Money this week, showcase the significant advantage our clients enjoy through the PRIMIS mortgage network.

Examples of Exclusive Virgin Money Deals

  • Primis Exc 2 Year Everyday Fixed £895 Prod Fee 60% Secured Rate 4.42%
  • Primis Exc 2 Year Everyday Fixed £895 Prod Fee 70% Secured Rate 4.49%
  • Primis Exc 5 Year Everyday Fixed £895 Prod Fee 60% Secured Rate 3.84%
  • Primis Exc 5 Year Everyday Fixed £895 Prod Fee 70% Secured Rate 4.09%
  • Primis Exc (FSO) 5 Year Everyday Fixed 60% Secured Rate 4.04%
  • Primis Exc (FSO) 5 Year Everyday Fixed 70% Secured Rate 4.29%

These exclusive deals, with their competitive rates, are a testament to the benefits of being part of the PRIMIS mortgage network. Brokers outside the network simply do not have access to these low rates, giving our clients a distinct advantage in the mortgage market.

Early Updates for Strategic Decision-Making

At Oportfolio, we don’t just stop at securing exclusive rates – we also receive early updates on rate changes. This strategic advantage allows us to time our actions effectively, ensuring that you benefit from the very best rates available in the market. Unlike price comparison sites, which lack access to adviser-only rates and exclusive deals, our foresight and strategic approach make us your trusted partner in navigating the mortgage landscape.

Why Choose Oportfolio Over Price Comparison Sites?

Price comparison sites may provide a snapshot of available deals, but they fall short when it comes to accessing exclusive rates and planning for the future. Our ability to be strategic in the advice and process sets us apart from these platforms, ensuring that you receive personalised, forward-thinking guidance for your mortgage journey.

Speak To Oportfolio For Your 2024 Mortgage

Being part of the PRIMIS mortgage network allows us to offer you rates that others simply can’t match. Don’t settle for generic advice – choose Oportfolio for a mortgage experience that is tailored to your unique needs and unlocks exclusive opportunities in the ever-changing mortgage market. If you or anyone you know is in the market for a mortgage in 2024, we are here to help. Whether its a straight purchase, buy-to-let, remortgage, product transfer, or a further advance. We’ve got you covered. Call or email or team today to arrange a fee free initial mortgage consultation with one of our experts. We are here to help.

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