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by | Friday 10th Nov 2017 | Mortgage Insights

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You may have discovered yourself how many different types of mortgages there are out there when you’re looking to buy a property. Partnering with the right mortgage advisor though can not only help you make sense of the market; it can be crucial in helping you find the right bespoke package for your needs when you’re looking to take out a mortgage.

Partnering with the right mortgage advisor also helps to take a lot of the weight from your shoulders when you’re looking for the most suitable deal. Going it alone can be a daunting prospect; is an interest-only mortgage the best route to take, or would you be better off with a variable rate option? What about an offset option or a flexible mortgage, wouldn’t they be good options to consider?

However, working with a comprehensive mortgage adviser with your best interests at heart can help you find a bespoke mortgage package best suited for you for now and in the long-term.

Find the best deal with a mortgage advisor in London and the South East

Most people have a basic understanding of how a mortgage works: borrow money to invest in a property and eventually pay it back, paying interest all the while.

Only, when actually looking for a deal that best suits your situation, it can be so easy to get thrown off by packages offering different interest rates and repayment terms, options to borrow over differing time periods, ones that are available for special situations and much more besides.

Factor in the varied range of mortgage options available and it’s little wonder why people approach a mortgage advisor. Beyond individual needs consider the wider financial landscape too; with inflation set to hit its highest point in five years, it’s crucial to find the most suitable deal possible that not only takes into consideration your own financial situation, but any likely future economic situation that may occur.

Finding a mortgage advisor that works with you

The best way to do that is by working alongside a comprehensive mortgage adviser that’s highly experienced in providing bespoke financial packages and discovering the most suitable product possible for buyers’ needs.

The right mortgage advisor isn’t just there to help people find the best package possible. An adviser isn’t a lender and will not just scour and evaluate the market for a client, but work to build a strong long-term relationship with them, offering the benefits of their knowledge and industry insight to add value to buyers’ financial needs.

That advice can also go beyond the mortgage and extend to critical illness insurance, life insurance, income protection, private medical insurance and more, acting as an all-in-one package under a single umbrella for buyers looking for a bespoke package that works for them.

As a mortgage advisor in London and the South East, Oportfolio is dedicated to working with buyers to find the most suitable bespoke financial packages for their needs when buying a new home. Contact us today to find out more.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage.

Oportfolio Ltd fees are payable on application. We charge a broker fee for property purchases of £495 and a remortgage/further advance fee of £395. Our product transfer fee is £295.

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