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by | Tuesday 14th Jun 2022 | Mortgage Insights

We have something very exciting to announce. As a company we are now offering free mortgage advice clinics to our company clients. This means that we are partnering with various companies around London to offer their employees free mortgage advice.

This allows employees of these businesses to benefit from a bespoke mortgage broking advice interaction, without it costing them any money. All of our advisors are senior specialists with years of experience under their belts and are passionate about helping people achieve their mortgage dreams.

This is an amazing employee benefit for someone in the team to establish how much they can borrow, what it’s going to cost, whether they can move into a house or flat now or later or whether they need to refinance what they’ve got currently on the mortgage and look for preferential terms in the open market.

How Does The Free Mortgage Advice Work?

It’s like having an experienced professional drop into your life via zoom or teams or face-to-face and help you with one of those easily misunderstood areas, mortgages. The main issue with securing a mortgage these days is that lots of people just don’t know what they need or what is best for them. That’s where we come in and that’s where free mortgage advice through Oportfolio is something that we want to be able to provide to more and more employees.

We are currently partnered with several different businesses, but we are always looking to expand this reach so hopefully we can be connected to more and people. We offer face to face of virtual mortgage appointments which can last between 10 minutes to half and hour depending on what we go through with the specific employee.

Everyone we speak to is very grateful for the time, for the knowledge, and for the guidance and advice that we are able to provide them with enable them to make the next right decision.

What Our Mortgage Advisors Think To Providing Free Mortgage Advice

Our managing director Oliver Whitehead personally carries out the free mortgage advice clinics and he couldn’t be more excited about them:

“As an employer it’s great to have another perk for your team to benefit from and who doesn’t like free advice.  As we become established with these companies as the mortgage broker of choice, we waive all our administration fees going forward for a purchase or for a remortgage. That means that we become part of the team and the go to mortgage Team for all the company employees.

Today I have done 11 face-to-face zoom call meetings with team members of the BNI group offering them all sorts of advice in relation to what’s best for them to do with their mortgage and future property purchase needs. We love being able to help these employees as part of their employment benefit and we can’t wait to work with more companies moving forward.”

If you are a business owner or are an employee for a business and you think that your company would like to benefit from free mortgage advice, please feel free to contact our office and we can start the exciting journey together.

Free Mortgage Advice From Oportfolio

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