Mortgage Application Rejected Because of Cladding

by | Thursday 18th Jan 2024 | Mortgage Case Studies

Oportfolio's advisor Oliver Whitehead knew exactly how to help with cladding issues

Oportfolio’s advisor Oliver Whitehead knew exactly how to help with cladding issues

Our clients, a couple looking to sell their existing property and purchase a new dream home, initially opted to approach their bank directly for a mortgage. Believing it would be a straightforward process, they found themselves in a complex situation due to issues related to the new property’s cladding and the absence of a valid EWS1 form.

Initial Setback Due To Cladding

The clients’ application, submitted directly to their bank, faced a prolonged two and a half months of processing before being outright rejected. The rejection was attributed to the cladding on the new property and the absence of a valid External Wall System (EWS1) form. This unexpected turn of events not only put a halt to the sale of their current property but also jeopardized their dream of acquiring a new home.

Discovery of Alternative Solutions Through An Expert Mortgage Advisor

During their research on mortgages for properties with cladding issues, the clients stumbled upon informative blogs written by our content director Louis Mason. Intrigued by the insights shared in the blogs, they decided to reach out to Oportfolio for assistance in navigating the complexities of securing a mortgage under their unique circumstances.

Engaging With Oportfolio

Upon contacting Oportfolio, the clients were connected with our experienced mortgage advisor, Oliver Whitehead. Oliver diligently listened to their situation, comprehending the stumbling blocks faced during their previous application. Armed with an in-depth understanding of the UK mortgage market and lender criteria, Oliver embarked on a mission to find a suitable solution for the clients.

Finding a Solution

Drawing upon his knowledge, Oliver identified a high-street bank willing to consider the clients’ application. This particular lender had a stipulation that the borrower’s property must be protected by the 2022 Building Safety Act and should be five floors or above. Fortunately, the clients met all other necessary mortgage affordability criteria.

Efficient Resolution

Thanks to the collective efforts of our advisors and mortgage administrators at Oportfolio, a remarkable turnaround was achieved. Within just three days, the team secured a mortgage offer for the clients, enabling them to move into their new home sooner than they had ever anticipated. This success story stands as a testament to the expertise, dedication, and perseverance of our brokers in overcoming challenges and delivering optimal solutions to our clients.

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